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Top 9 Gadgets Every Guy Should Have In His Bachelor Pad

Having a bachelor pad isn’t just about the location — it’s also about all the cool accessories you can stock it with. But which ones do you need to make sure everyone, from your friends to your mom, are impressed with your place? We rounded up a list of nine of our favorite home accessories

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Top 10: 2015 Best Cool Gadgets for Men

There are tons of cool gadgets for men out there. Of course, with all of the new technology coming out nowadays it can be tough to sort out which gadgets are actually, in fact, cool. I’ve seen some crazy new tech come out recently, and some of these solve a common problem men might have.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6: The Ultimate Question?

Let’s not be coy about this, Samsung has pulled a blinder out of the bag with the Galaxy S6. Together with the very similar Galaxy S6 Edge we have two of the best smartphones you can buy right now. Product – 100% original unlocked 3GS 8GB mobile phone in sealed box Black&White 1 year

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PS4 vs Xbox One: Which Should You Buy?

It’s over, but E3 2015 made our Xbox One vs PS4 comparison more meaningful than ever. It considers Microsoft’s backward compatibility news and previous price drops, and how it all contrasts with Sony’s powerful specs, exclusive games and graphics power. Product – ZTE Blade S6 5 inch HD IPS 1280*720 Android 5.0 Qualcomm Octa-Core

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iPad’s LifeProof NUUD Case

Cell Phone and Tablets on DealExtreame How was your Memorial Day weekend? Was it as blissful as expected, and I would like to think that this is the ideal time off to take when it comes to sweating it out in the great outdoors. After all, we have more or less spent enough time at

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Mixfader – Becoming a DJ

Introducing Mixfader – the first connected object DJs and aspiring DJs can make good use of.

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Zapi Toothbrush Sanitisers

Shame on you, your toothbrush is filthy! When it’s not scrubbing grime from your teeth, gums and tongue it’s sitting on the sink festering with bacteria and germs. And that’s before housemates have used it to clean suspect muck off their trainers. So don’t put it anywhere near your cake-hole until it’s been in a

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Bamboo Keyboard & Mouse

Looking to replace your old and ordinary mouse and keyboard? Why not trying the eco friendly Keyboard & Mouse made of bamboo…

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Flashlight Camera For Instant Video

Did you ever feel that you miss weird things in the dark? Torcgscope create the perfect product for you when they put camera in a flashlight for instant video proof 🙂 Made by General Tools, it’s a heavy-duty flashlight with a built-in camera, so it can automatically record anything the light is aimed at. The

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Pimp Your Bicycle Ride

If you are looking for a cheap yet very cool gift, the new LED tire wheel light will blow your mind. There are many sellers online selling all kind of tire Led lights with different color and shapes. Follow this link to some of the best offers on eBay:

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Avenger Reflex Controller Adapter

BLOW AWAY THE COMPETITION! External adapter for your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller Improves accuracy, agility, and reaction time Customizable to fit your hands & play style Adapters On eBay:  We could wax on about how much fun/annoying it is playing networked games and the reasons why some of us have a Friends

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SuperNova Light Cube Speaker

Looking for cool lights and an amazing sound – Now you can get them both at the same product for only $99.00

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Olloclip 4-in-1 For iPhone 6/6+

It’s time to liven up your selfies. People (not you, obviously) carry around selfie sticks now to optimize their glamour shots. Carry around a tiny accessory that’ll make your selfies more interesting than anyone else’s. It’s so tiny, in fact, that you can carry it on a chain around your neck or attached to your

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5 Unique Gadgets You Might Not Know About

Django is a drifter who drags around a closed coffin. He rescues a young woman, María, from being murdered by bandits led by Major Jackson (Eduardo Fajardo), a man on whom Django is seeking revenge for the murder of his wife.

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